A Kind of Blue – First set from Jiz Lee & Syd Blakovich on BlueBlood.com

During one of our last trips to Los Angeles, Syd and I shot with Amelia G and Forrest Black for BlueBlood.com.
The shoot was primarily on location of an abandoned zoo, where we found monkey cages and bear holds, like the one in the photo below, a peek at the set. Blue Blood has some pretty awesome photography, as well as an awesome ethic. I highly recommend a membership, especially if you want to see the set where this came from.

Jiz Lee Blue Blood Syd Blakovich

Amelia wrote about the shoot, the thoughts from her diary and another peek also are featured on AltPorn.net.

I’m as enchanted by the photo set as I was when I first ducked into the space and crawled through the separate rooms.
The mood captured here also captures the tone of me and Syd’s relationship. I’m particularly drawn to the photo above, as it reflects on our performance art duo Twincest. In a mirrored encounter, we confront ourselves.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more from our shoot that day — monkey spit! — and the possibility of working with Amelia and Forrest for BlueBlood.com again soon.

View the Set at BlueBlood.com


  • ted


    Saw the set of pictures of you and Syd on the Blue Blood site. Both of you pose well together.
    Question how was it filming in the abandoned zoo ? It looks cramped in there. Was it comfortable
    temperture wise, etc… In any case I thought the set came out very hot. I also loved the film noir
    look of the shoot that Amelia and Forrest brought out in the location and yourselves.

  • Jiz Lee

    Thanks Ted,
    We’ve been posing together since 2006. I always love working with Syd.
    Filming in the abandoned zoo was surreal fun. When I was little I’d play in the wilderness and with friends, pretending we were animals and I also love playing in cages, which to me feel like the tree forts or playgrounds I discovered as a kid. We were walking back from the Monkey cage (where we also shot) and I noticed a hole in the fence near an open door in this bear hold. Obviously folks had some good times in there. The walls were marked with tags and paint; the floor covered in glass and food wrappers.

    I ducked inside and found it empty, and crawled through several “rooms” which you can see in the photo above. It was magical. The lighting was low but Amelia G. worked it. It was a hot day but being inside was slightly cooler. It was definitely a small space, but Syd and I — and Amelia too — we’re all on the small side. Shooting inside the bear holds was probably the easiest, as it was well protected from the path and there were quite a bit of people out on the trail. I suppose the main part of the zoo is now a park. I’d love to return there sometime.

    We also did two more locations before the day was over. I’m very much looking forward to seeing more from these sets.

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