River Runs Wild – 2023 Limited Edition Holiday Card

This year’s limited edition holiday card is here! The illustration by artist Mike Serafino is based on a photograph by Tristan Crane taken in a river along the Northern California coast. 

I want to mail a card to you! Here are some ways to get a beautiful signed, and discreetly sealed card delivered to your mailbox. 

3 Ways to Get a Card in the Mail


1. Buy a Card

Buy a signed card directly from my shop. Proceeds will be donated to the Free Speech Coalition’s Lobbying Fund. The FSC is our industry’s trade organization is making big strides in Washington, talking to lawmakers about the adult entertainment industry and fighting against occupational discrimination, tech censorship, and banking bans. 

>> JizLee.BigCartel.com (Buy a Card!)

To get a card: Purchase a card through the link above and be sure to include any custom name or message you’d like me to write. 


2.  Pay for Your Porn

Become a subscriber to one of the sites below, where you can watch my videos and hundreds more. Both sites are projects I maintain as my day job! (A.K.A. “Best Job Ever!”) Supporting these sites allows me to make a living doing the work I love to do! 

>> CrashPadSeries.com (The queer porn that started it all!)
>> PinkLabel.tv (Like a “Criterion Collection” of indie adult films.)

To get a card: sign up to one of the sites and send confirmation of your subscription to jiz@jizlee.com along with your physical mailing address and any name or custom message you’d like me to write. 

3. Donate to a Good Cause

Make a contribution of $25 or more to one of the sex-positive organizations listed here:

>> Scarleteen.com
>> TGI Justice Project
>> BIPOC Adult Industry Collective
>> Bay Area Worker Support
>> Free Speech Coalition’s Lobbying Fund
>> OR donate to an org of your choice and let me know why you value its work to improving the lives of LGBTQ folks and sex workers. There are a lot of people doing good out there!

Please note, that while I usually focus on funding specifically to sex-positive organizations, I feel it’s important to add that it’s okay if you are drawn to a broader support network. Very close to home for me is the fire that devastated Lāhaina earlier this year, leaving thousands of families still in dire need of financial assistance. Further away is the escalating humanitarian crisis in Palestine. While there may seem like there is nothing we can do from a distance, we can learn, we can act through protest, politics, or boycott, and we can donate. I found a helpful post on Autostraddle with a resource of links to articles and places to give aid. I’ve also just ordered the Palestinian anthology Light in Gaza: Writings Born of Fire from BookShop.org — support indie book stores! Human suffering is heartbreaking to witness and can feel helpless in these challenging times. If you’re able to provide assistance, you can make a difference to someone’s life and that can in turn offers hope in knowing you are among are others who care. I’d love to send you a card to thank you for your caring.

To get a card: send your receipt of a donation $25 (or more) to jiz@jizlee.com along with your physical mailing address and any name or custom message you’d like me to write. 


Thank you for all the various ways you contribute to the things I love to do, from your orders of books to your support of my porn passions, and your donations to organizations that strive to make our world a better place. Thanks for keeping me going!

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