2023 Year in Review

Describing a year is an impossible feat. 2023 had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of changes and personal shifts… many of which felt like laying groundwork for good things to come in the year ahead. I’ve less that I ‘accomplished’ this past year, especially compared to the buzz of years prior. However my life has become more stable and peaceful, less stressed and more blessed. I’ll do my best to recap the highs.


Erotic & Other Arts

I took time off camera, to be cautious about COVID and to recover and heal from non-binary top surgery. Despite not being as active myself, my film work has been running full steam ahead. A movie I co-directed in 2022 with Vanniall released in 2023 and has been travelled around the world. Big shout out to festivals that pay artists, like San Francisco PornFilmFestival, Porny Days, PornFilmFestival Berlin online, and more. It will soon tour with the famous HUMP Film Festival, so I hope you can catch it at a theater near you. TRANSIT is my first partnered scene since the pandemic, and post top surgery and in my 40’s.

This year’s holiday card is an illustration based on a photo by Tristan Crane of me dancing in a river in Mendocino County. The fundraiser recipient is Free Speech Coalition (FSC) because of their continued and incredibly necessary advocating for the adult film industry. We face outrageous financial discrimination and dangerous legislation; I hope FSC’s work in Washington will educate lawmakers. If you’re making porn, or even if you’re curious about what might help make our industry safer and more progressive place to work, please consider donating as a one-time subscriber or joining as a member. My cards are a limited edition, and I do have a few left if you’d like to receive a signed one!

Written Works & XXXtra Curricular

Coming Out Like a Porn Star is underway with a second edition… that’s the most I’ll say right now and will wait to share more exciting news in the Fall! Bookshops, book reviewers, book clubs… I’ll need all hands on deck to get our stories back on the shelves — and better than ever! When it’s time, I will shout it far and wide, but until then, if you really want to read the book, please consider borrowing from your local library or purchasing a used copy.

An interview I did with queer film historian Jenni Olson is out in the book Rethinking Film Festivals in the Pandemic Era and After. Working with film festivals has given me deep perspective on screening and curating adult videos.

The Porn Studies Journal (Routledge) has published an essay by Kriss Lowrance and myself, entitled “The Trouble with Tagging: a queer porn studio tussles to find the right words on the conflicts and possibilities of language and visibility when seeking and promoting adult entertainment.

This year I also took time out to respond to sex ed and porn questions, including discussing online censorship in Taz (in German) and sex work in The Nib, was interviewed for Feeld’s One Night Stand, and THEM magazine on how to find queer porn — thank you! With so much censorship on social media, other sources like these are really helpful in spreading the word about our work.



Pink & White AKA the best job ever!

2023 marked my 10th anniversary working as Marketing Director for Pink and White Productions. (And my 20th in the adult biz! Although my first released debut (The Crash Pad) was 2005, it was actually 2004 when I was first performed in a film. Unfortunately it was never released. (I wish I knew what happened to that footage!) My work behind the scenes with Shine Louise Houston and PW Inc began in 2007, when I came on as a part-time Affiliate Manager, coordinating with sex bloggers and reviewers to help spread the word about CrashPadSeries.com. Over time, I acquired more rolls and responsibilities at our small company. My responsibilities these days include working on set as Production Assistant, licensing new films on PinkLabel.TV, and Marketing both sites as well as the annual San Francisco PornFilmFestival.

In Memoriam

Debi Sundahl passed in 2023. Her early work was monumental in the formation of my own sexuality. Debi and Nan Kinney co-founded On Our Backs Magazine (I appear in a 2006 issue) and co-founded Fatale Media, the first lesbian-produced porn studio. Check out Safe is Desire and Suburban Dykes for some examples, both directed by Debi. Their early 80’s-90’s media inspired so many more photographers and filmmakers, was the predecessor of the 2000’s queer porn movement that was the big wave I rode in this industry.

More people, especially queer and adult workers, should be aware of Debi’s influence, however all too often we learn of amazing people and their contributions only after their deaths. I hope we can celebrate those whose work I admire while they continue to work and live, not only do they deserve to feel the appreciation, but we all can benefit and be inspired from their creative and boundary-pushing works. A few legends on my mind: Sinnamon Love, Annie Sprinkle, Jenni Olson, Susie Bright, Dr. Carol Queen, Diana Cage, Jack and Shar, and the many more I am missing – thank you for what you did and continue to do!


Coming in 2024  😉

After many years away due to COVID concerns, Shine and I finally returned to the PornFilmFestival Berlin last October. While there, we filmed a new short starring Kali Sudhra and Jasko Fide. Look out for it soon! While in Berlin I also did a little of my own filming as well. Though I initially didn’t plan on it, a few opportunities popped up that I couldn’t resist. For one, I was able to reconnect with my DOLL April Flores to pose for photographer Ellen Stagg. Then later, April and I had another opportunity to create erotic 3D art in an exploratory threesome with Valentine for visual artist Evie Snax. I can’t wait to see what comes of it and our sexy green screen.

Resolutions! I’ve got too many interests and desires to cram into 24 hours. Read more books! Sleep longer! Drink more water. Devote at least one hour every day to my physical (and mental) health. (For both short-term and long-term impact.) Post more on OnlyFans! (That’s a big one.) Make a list of goals and break them into smaller, attainable goals to complete daily, weekly, monthly. Goals for goals! What are your resolutions?

Another Year of Gratitude

As always, I’m grateful for your continued support. Especially during the hardest of times, I feel carried by those who cheer me on and champion my efforts. Sometimes when I get busy behind the scenes I go quiet in my own personal promotions and projects. Year after year, it’s touching to see returning names on my holiday card list, in social media mentions (despite wave after wave of shadow bans and censorship). Since my top surgery, I’ve noticed less misgendering and less comments by people who are interested in ME. I am relieved that even though that even as I age and grow more into myself, I continue to receive support! Please give yourself the same love and kindness. And please stay safe and strong as we welcome another trip around the sun.

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