TRANSIT – Jiz Lee and Vanniall get a room

Trans safer sex short TRANSIT (by Jiz Lee and Vanniall) embarks on its world tour! ✈️

Watch my newest hardcore film in theaters or online!

August 16th – September 3rd @ San Francisco PornFilmFestival *
October 5th – 8th @ Barcelona PornFilmFestival
October 23rd – 29th @ PornFilmFestival Berlin *
October 30th – November 14th @ PornFilmFestival Berlin (Online Edition)
November 8th – 19th @ San Francisco Trans Film Festival *
November 10th – 12th @ Seattle Erotic Cinema Society Fest (SECS Fest) 
November 29th – December 3rd @ Porny Days Film Festival
Dec 7th @ SMUT CLUB Australia
February 29th – March 9th @ HUMP Fest – San Francisco, CA*
See more HUMP cities as it tours with Hump Fest 2024 Volume 1

March 3rd – 17th THIRST Queer Porn Film Festival NYC (Online March 3-17)

*In attendance!
More to come… 
Can’t make the theater shows? Watch TRANSIT online at PinkLabel.TV.

What a trip it’s been! Approximately one year ago today, I had the pleasure of collaborating on a sexy new film project with an internet crush, Vanniall. I began following her work after reading her powerful essay in the Huffington Post about her experience as a porn performer living with HIV. The industry — and world at large — has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to information and policy around sexual health and safety.

Vanniall’s confidence and cheeky wit positively beams off the screen. I was smitten by her sexy posts and clever movie concepts, like MostlyPics House, which I asked to screen at the 2022 San Francisco PornFilmFestival. Thus, her trip to the Bay Area was born! (Here’s her interview for 48hills about coming to SFPFF.)

We had a great time at the festival, and an even better time filming a collaboration with photographer/videographer Ashley Lake. The photos alone are timelessly beautiful.

This was my first porn film post-top surgery — and I just realized it’s also the first one in my 40’s! Welcome to a foxy new era!

Flash forward to 2023, and our movie (well, a shorter, festival-friendly version of it) will be shown on the big screen in theaters around the globe. 

While I’m a little nervous, I am looking forward to witnessing the film’s reception by a live audience. Most of us porn performer-producers make and share videos all the time, but it’s a completely different experience to feel the energy in the theater. I hope you’ll be watching!

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