The Dick Show

This Friday is the opening of an art show focusing on… the penis.

The annual show, which I’m proud to say I once was a part of via a ceremonious performance by twincest, opens various artists’ interpretations of the penis. If you know anything about my concern for vulvas, more vulvas …and all sexual anatomy really, because everyone wants to know if they’re normal and we don’t see all that much diversity on naked display… then you know that I’m also a proponent of sex-positive penis loving. (And though the description below says “men”, I put this out towards any cock holding gender.) Here’s more about the show.

The Dick Show: What’s the Big Deal about Penises?

Opening: Friday, May 4, 2012 6:00-9:00 pm
$10-40 Sliding Scale [Tickets]

Exhibit Dates: May 4-26, 2012
Viewings by appointment and at other CSC Events

Center for Sex & Culture
1349 Mission Street (at Grace Street btwn 9th and 10th)
San Francisco

An art exhibit and an evening of performance addressing questions like… Why is it essential that a man have a penis? Do you have to have a penis to be important, successful? How do you have sex if a penis is not involved?  Is everything we have learned about penises wrong? Are penises ugly? Are penises beautiful? Are penises fun? Is a penis in the pants worth two in the drawer?

Performers include among others: Jess Curtis, Captain Snowdon, Kirk Read, Ed Wolf, TTBaum, Philip Huang, Logan Knight and Cayenne. Free participating artists include: Michael Rosen, Mariah Carle, Mark Garrett, Katie Gilmartin, Just¿n T^me, Mitcho Dwoo, Jesse Williams, Jack Davis.

I’m going to try to make the opening, as not only is it a super interesting art theme for me, but I’m also included in one of the photographs. I hope you can make it too. If not, here’s a peek at one of the shots I did with photographer Michael Rosen. The one on the left is Scott O’Hara, and the one on the right is part of my Karma Pervs project, which you can join here. This is not the image that will be shown in the show, but another from two images of fellatio poses.

PS: if you’re ever in need of a list of pokey euphemisms, may I suggest the dicktionary.

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