Bondage at Fort Ord

Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining Fivestar and photographer Terrence Taylor for a bondage photography shoot in the abandoned Fort Ord in Monterey Bay. Terry was such a pleasure to meet, and I had a fantastic time exploring rope. Truth be told, rope bondage is still a very new sensation for me. I had a high endorphin moment, which I can only call ‘paradise’. There was a sensation of a hug and a squeeze. It felt out of breath the same way diving down in the ocean feels. It was both cold and very hot, and also got me pretty excited. I’m really into the musculature and dance of being bound and suspended. I’ve always been intrigued by bondage model Madison Young’s work and it was nice to find my own connection to being tied up. And to my beautiful rigger.

Here’s a peek at one of the digital photos from the shoot. I will share more later. I’m also excited to see what qualities come from the aged film Terry used. Many shots that were taken that cold day. The barrack walls are covered in what Terry determined was chocolate pudding, probably left from some kids who obviously had a great time defacing the walls and glass windows of the many buildings on the property. The sound of crunching broken glass from busted light bulbs echoed loudly.


  • Cand86

    Oh, that picture is wonderful, especially your eyes *melts*

    And the description is great, too. Can’t wait for the other pictures!

    And thanks for the blog comment, too, by the way. I kind of wanted an audience that was less queer, so as to expose them to more queer work (I can’t imagine I’d be showing much of anything new to those savvy girls at Digiromp, considering all the CPS banners!), but it would be fun to post there with Jincey’s blessing. DykeTube really isn’t working out, suffice to say.

  • Jiz Lee

    Hi Cand86! Thanks for your comment about the pics, I can’t wait to share more.

    RE: DykeTube.

    This will go a little off subject, perhaps fodder for a new post!

    DykeTube really triggered something in me, and I’d love to give my unease more attention. I’m also curious to hear your thoughts/experiences/ideas about a new forefront of UGC tube sites for queers. I hear what you’re saying about DykeTube audiences — exposing them to underrepresented content. If it were a more populated site, I’d totally agree with you. Actually I think you were doing exactly the promotion you wanted to do with the audiences you loved with Xtube, and I’m so bummed to hear that they banned you.

    DykeTube isn’t worth the attention, not even worth the link. I read what you posted in the forum about wanting to see more butch/boi/genderqueer/masculine women represented… and how the moderator didn’t understand why it was harder to find the content. (I guess butches don’t identify as blonds or brunettes?) Joking aside, it brought up a lot of issues that I have, and made me think about why it affected me emotionally. I guess my biggest issue was with the site adhering to a heterosexual (aka Lesbian aka Girl-Girl aka this is not really about owning our sexuality) model. It made me sad, and I don’t think it’s an appropriate model, regardless of how legitimate the creator’s intention.

    Made me think of other companies who cater to the male consumer who wants Girl on Girl porn complete with the experience of being marketed to as such.

    Here is a link to your post about it for those interested:

  • Cand86

    Hey, somebody else is awake at an ungodly hour! 🙂

    Yeah, I saw your Twitter posts and was thinking about it myself. I like to think maybe leaving Xtube will be a good choice; they seem to be more and more strapped to keep it profitable (urging members prior to every video to add Xtube money to keep it alive, UGC being dwarfed by sponsors’ previews, etc.) and are kind of getting away from that real people feel. And while I started out kinda happy about DykeTube, it definitely went down the drain after asking some questions and actually watching the crud they’ve got. I’ll admit that I glommed onto it in frustration, although I still do have dreams of scandalizing straight people with queer content, and opening up their world a little bit.

    I love UGC sites, and I get all excited by the queer ones like Sharing Is Sexy (certainly worth the link- . But they unfortunately always seem to get stalled, or completely disappear one day, or just don’t get much traffic whatsoever and never spread like the wildfire that I want. I mean, I’ve got to admit that a little part of me almost gets a little angry when mainstream lesbian sites dutifully report on the new queer porn front and Get Yourself A Copy Of The Crash Pad Now!, but never encourage the community to make its own erotica. In terms of straight and gay porn, you just can’t find more refreshing diversity than in amateur stuff. And while I’m sure that P&W will stay true to its roots, I don’t want queer folks waiting to be spoon-fed a stream of what becomes one company’s vision and aesthetic (and eventually an industry’s). I want them to realize the erotic power they have in themselves, and that they don’t need to go to the Crash Pad to let it out or make it feel legitimate (though I’m of course glad that they do!).

    I’m still trying to figure out why it’s so impossible to get the same queer girls who complain(ed) about no dyke porn to take advantage of these great free (!) forums like Xtube (because Lord knows gay men, straight folks, and even trans guys and girls are posting themselves like crazy). Even Digiromp is a little disappointing: the only explicitly sexual-in-nature videos are a CPS teaser posted by Jincey and a Youtube-sanitized Crash Pad preview from moi. I could expect the whole exploited/male gaze/mean and homophobic comments about non-femme girls thing might scare them off from sites like Xtube, but why not in a friendly space like Digiromp? Are we shy? Is it that nobody will go first? Is it simply too much of a social site before it is an erotic site, so that it might be a bit awkward posting yourself getting it on for all your close friends to watch? I just don’t know.

    Aack, I’ve gotten all rambly. Must be off to bed, but blogs are definitely stirring in my mind.

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