Queer Pornstars add Art to the AVN Awards Red Carpet

 Syd Blakovich just emailed me this fantastic photo of her and Director/Bondage Model/Pornstar/Art Gallery Director Madison Young walking down the red carpet at the AVN Awards.

Syd Blakovich and Madison Young at AVN Awards 2009

UPDATE! Photo Credit: Fleshbot.com and Lux Alptraum, my OWN crush object!

For those of you not familiar with the Adult Video News’ annual mainstream porn awards and the usual garb, this was probably a strange site — it’s rare that queer pornstars, particularly steamy butch ones like Syd, get invited as dates to the prestigious event. Syd told me she and Madison had a fun dare to see who could be most “San Francisco”… Madison is wearing all organic materials; Syd’s ensemble is inspired by steampunk.

See more of their SF Art on Fleshbot, such as the Porn Aerobics (I helped choreograph)!

UPDATE: Gram Pontante wrote a fantastic article about this shot — Madison worked her ASS off to allow Syd to walk down the aisle, something I failed to mention in my last post. Makes me think I should be more explicit in detail for future posts. Here’s his link Madison Young Assimilates the Red Carpet. BlueBlood.com’s Amelia G. also wrote of the story.


  • Thomas Roche


    Both awesome, beyond awesome, can’t even see awesome in the rear view mirror any longer.

  • Madison Young

    🙂 The chord trim is actually hemp rope from my own personal collection. I wanted to have a dress made that reflected my love for rope,bondage, and that was kind of like a glamorous kinkified mother earth. So a rope around the neck and golden leaf pasties seemed appropriate. xo madison

  • Essin' Em

    Really? 100% organic? If she can look that good in all organic material, what the hell kind of problem is our society having trying to be more eco-friendly?

    I’m so glad they went there in such awesome outfits…and made Fleshbot. The AVNs and the industry in general need some shaking up.

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