N Maxwell Lander’s Blindfold Project Book

One of my favorite photographers, N Maxwell Lander has completed a photo book of her “Blindfold Project”, which I participated in, and was my Karma Pervs fundraiser for Femina Potens last year. (I also loved shooting with Max in NYC and again in Toronto recently.) I’m so proud of Max!

You can pre-order a signed copy of the book. Fleshbot also posted a nice write-up about it. Congrats Max!

About the Book
Power and vulnerability are central to The Blindfold Project. In this ongoing series of images, artist N Maxwell Lander confronts the photographer-photographed dynamic by mixing up the traditional ‘gaze’ and creative authority that is given to those holding a camera. When the project began, Lander herself was unsure of what to expect. She hoped to provide a safe space for models to explore relationships to their bodies, and encouraged them to let their guard down while the photographer’s (creative) eye was removed from the scenario. What she didn’t anticipate was her own vulnerability as she found herself pulled outside of her element.

Handing over setup and creative control to her models, Lander has spent each shoot sitting with a blindfold covering her eyes. Focus (and aim!) has been manual and intuitive, with only a voice or the occasional sound of movement as guidance. The results so far have been varied and wonderfully surprising: some shoots are funny and playful, some wild and artistic, some raunchy and intensely sexual. Everyone has taken the space in front of the camera to a new place.

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  • ted


    Another great photo ! Your face looks perfectly relaxed while doing what looks to be a strenuous pose. How long did you have to hold that position for ? You should defenitley work with a photographer and put out a book with yourself as the only or main model. Just from what I’ve seen on your website it would be fantastic. I finally found a store in my area which sells some of your movies and I purchased: The Wild Search. I enjoyed it very much even the non-sex scenes were very good as the comedy worked in the film which is a rarity in adult movies. I especially loved the look of suprise you gave when they tagged you while they you were trying to light up. It was also cool to finally hear your voice as I wasn’t sure how you were going to sound. You have a great speaking voice to go along with your looks. Do you sing as well ? If so can we look forward to seeing you sing in one of your future movies ? At any rate I look forward to viewing more of your work in the future.
    Take care.


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