Sexy Creepy Gershwin Showers with Varina Adams & N. Maxwell Lander

While in NYC for Dr. Sketchy’s Transmet, I had the utter joy of shooting with one of my favorite photographers, N. Maxwell Lander. I last shot with Max for Karma Pervs and her Blindfold Project (which will soon become a photo book). Max’s images are delicious; they make my mouth water.

We met up after my red-eye flight from SFO -> JFK and Max was kind enough to let me take a catdog nap (in my delirious state I had the craziest dream of fighting with a catdog) while she and Varina Adams went for supplies. A few winks later, I was finally rested and Varina and I were climbing into the (pretty awesome) shower of their Gershwin room. We played in the water, steaming the shower glass, and joked about the creepy effects. I love the results of the photo shoot. Here is one image; find more at Max’s Flickr set.

And if you haven’t yet, take a gander at Max’s website, where you can see images of porn performers like Dylan Ryan covered in Bacon, Drew DeVeaux and other queer sailors stranded on an island, icons like Kate Bornstein, and even select 5 5×5 images to purchase.


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