There’s Jiz on AVN Magazine… literally, real cream.

I am so proud of this full page ad by Njoy in the current issue of AVN Magazine.

AVN, or “Adult Video News” is an industry publication for retailers and distributors who work with adult movies and sex toys. In general, the magazine offers what you’d traditionally expect of the mainstream adult industry. Sometimes there are awesome surprises. To me, this ad is one of them.

The photo was shot by Aeric Meredith-Goujon, one of my favorite photographers. I took photos with the Njoy Eleven, and the set was used as an update in Karma Pervs (benefiting STOP AIDS Project in SF). Here’s my iPhone photo of the ad, next the original photo and another shot from the shoot to give you a glimpse.
Jiz Lee Njoy Toys AVN Magazine Ad - White vaginal cream sex. Jiz Lee Njoy Eleven white vaginal cream

After I posted about the ad, I received an email from someone who was so grateful that I was so open about the cream on my fingers. She had always held the impression that good cream was supposed to be clear cream. That anyone who saw her’s (which she says looks like mine) would be horrified by it, and this caused her a ton of sexual shame and caused her to not want to have sex. I’m so glad that she saw this image and can know that white cream is OK!

Maybe we don’t see it in mainstream porn all that much, because female performers have douched, or they are not aroused/do not orgasm, or because maybe the people on set don’t think the cream looks good or they don’t want the viewer to assume that the cream is ejaculate. Now, in queer porn we see cream fairly often.  In fact, remember hearing about when director Shine Louise Houston showed one of her first video The Crash Pad to a man who works in the mainstream adult industry and as they were watching a strap-on penetration scene and at a particular close-up, the receiver’s cunt started to leak white cream as the dildo slid in and out. (A part I remember thinking was really hot.) The person Shine was showing the video turned around and asked, “what’s that?”. It was one of those “ahha” moments and it’s yet another reason why I value the authenticity of the porn that I do. And why I think some porn can be good sex ed.

Vaginal cream can be white or a variety of shades and consistencies. The liquid can be due to arousal, ovulation, or a natural vaginal discharge. “Discharge” may sound like a bad word, but vaginal discharge is very natural — it’s a good thing, because it is part of our bodies way of keeping us healthy. Spurred by my emailer’s relief that this is “normal”, I headed over to Scarleteen and found not only the question “What is the White Fluid that Came from my Vagina?” answered, but also a great article called “Honorably Discharged: A Guide to Vaginal Secretions“. Very cool!

So, if you’re creamy, love it!


  • Loveofmystery

    Well-yeah the vaginal mucus changes throughout the cycle and its going to be in there. Right before and during ovulation you see what can be clear, strand like and collects into a ball (sometimes w/ a little blood in it too) and then after ovulation it changes to more, thick, creamy and white.

  • 333

    Thanks so much Jiz. You are such a generous, forthright,powerful, and embodied voice.

    Creamily yours,

  • Will Vail

    I was led here by an article of yours featured on Jezebel about the book I’ll Show You Mine, and I am amazed. I love your blog! I have seen a few of your movies and find them refreshing and vibrant. Keep on truckin’!

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