Bitten I’m reading a new book right now, Bitten: Dark Erotic Stories, a collection of erotica short stories edited by Susie Bright. It will be the next review I do for; my first was on Visible: A Femmethology.

This collection has been fantastic thus far. I have a love of vampires as I’ve blogged about in the past, and am also catching up on the popular series “True Blood” though I have to admit it’s not nearly as twisted as I’d like.

If you’d like to pick it up, here’s the link to Susie’s Amazon page of Bitten. Of course, you can also purchase it at other stores (like Chronicle Books, or your local bookstore), as has had a recent history of being particularly sex-negative and homo/trans-phobic. Anyhow, I’ll have the review done by the end of this month so look forward to seeing it up at soon!

Bitten: Dark Erotic Stories

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