Queer Bella

I’ve been hearing a lot about the idea of Queer Porn becoming accepted by the mainstream. While there are many theories and examples of this out there, and diverging definitions of the terms “Queer Porn” and “mainstream”, I think the most exciting perspective on gender and queer identity performance in what many would consider a mainstream arena for me right now is Belladonna’s new Queer Porn genre.

Photo: Lux Alptraum on Fleshbot.com

You’ll be hearing more from me about Belladonna’s upcoming Strapped Dykes as the release date approaches (Nov 29th, 2009), especially because her website features frequent updates and specials from the forthcoming film. If you want to witness one way a momentum in Queer Porn is happening — and it’s happening Right Now —  sign up for a membership (even if just for a month) to her site and watch as butch-presenting porn performers such as myself and Syd Blakovich begin to make appearances in the updates. Belladonna is known for being a go-getter, a risk-taker, and a business person who lives their dreams with exploration and openness, and I think her move to include queer porn into her company is a good example of how she’s continued to push the envelope in the adult industry by being real.

I think it’s pretty fucking exciting.

Photos of me and the amazing April Flores, from Belladonna Entertainment. For free pics and membership: EnterBelladonna.com.


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