Bitten: sinking teeth into my friend Sadie Lune

Tonight [Saturday October 25th 2008] Shawn and I will perform as TWINCEST for my friend Sadie Lune, who once dreamed that she would be bitten by a vampire on her 30th birthday. As I wrote in a previous post when we performed for the Independent Film Channel, I love Vampires.
If you’re in SF and can make it, the show/party is hosted by the Center for Sex and Culture, doors open at 8pm, show starts loosely around 9pm… TWINCEST will probably go on around 11pm. Sadie expects to have at least 30 bites. Here’s more about the occasion:

Bitten: Lunacy for Queen of the Vamps Sadie Lune’s Birthday!
Sadie Lune is about to turn another year older and so needs to be immortalized post haste. In order to increase her chances of a long, beautiful, and toothsome future, vamps and vampostors alike are called to duty to feast in the splendor of immortal wretchedness and lay a good chomp on the Queen of the Vamps to help propel her to blood-thirsty eternal youth. In other words: Bite Me. At least 30 times.

Every member of the undead; from old-school to steampunk to hipster to political to glam to hiding-in-the-shadows to celebrity to trash, well just every sort of bloodsucker and bloodsuckee welcome. Sexiness, festivity and absurdity will make their appearances.
You will love it.

Bloody burlesque!
Biting Booth!
Sanguine Art!
Cutthroat Chanteuses!
Opera and Classical Piano that will suck the serum from your marrow with its beauty!

Fangs, fangs, and more fangs!

Featuring gore and art from:
Bix Jordan
Tricksie Treat
Florence Biting-gail
Sherilyn Connelly
Mama D. Calizo
The Vampire Lesbians of Sodom

…and a host of other undead beauties eschewing solitude and secrecy to show their ghastly goods for your epicurial pleasure!!!!

Please pass it on, the more succubae and lamia in the house, the more likely Sadie can forever bask in the twilight of innocence.


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