Back into Swing

Just when I thought things were feeling slow in pornolandia, now it seems that there are a million opportunities and projects underway. I’m looking forward to some very exciting shoots coming up — more info on those soon — and I’m also very very excited about a new project that I just launched called Karma Pervs. Please read more about it!

I had been using all the money I had saved from porn to do things like pay off my long term loan and get my upcoming LASIK eye surgery. It’s tax time, and every year I donate money to a number of national and local non-profits, and always wish I could do more. I hope this site will provide a little extra fiscal gratification to some of the localized/community focused non-profits I want to support.

I’m also love that it affords me the opportunity to get together with a lot of my photographer friends, and some new ones I look forward to meeting, to collaborate and take the photo sets that will posted on this site. This weekend is my last Intro to Digital Photography class and being on set with photographers has been really rewarding. I plan to post a set or two of photos taken by me as well!

If you can join my new little site, please do! And spread the word about it!
So go take a look at Karma Pervs!


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