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I’m presenting a screening of a selection of my porn performances based on my workshop “Fucking for REEL” at Princeton University. I have had the great honor of being invited to come to colleges and universities to share my perspectives and experiences in regards to pornography, gender and sexuality among other topics. It’s with pride that I will be presenting at Princeton, in part because it’s a place I wouldn’t have been able to attend due to admission or tuition. To be invited openly as a genderqueer sex worker as part of the IvyQ conference is extremely validating, and signifies progressive conversations on gender and sexuality.

The topic of feminism and porn has become a popular one in recent months, due in large part to release of The Feminist Porn Book and forthcoming Porn Studies, Routledge peer-reviewed journal. Conversations about pornography are worthy of scholastic attention and are particularly relevant as a site of intersectionality within race, gender and sexuality and a convergence of body politics, sexual health, ethics and agency.

IvyQ is a conference which aims to create a pan-Ivy community of LGBTQ students and allies equipped with the skills to examine their identities, value those of others, and understand intersectionality. The steps to achieving this vision are three-fold: creating experiences which foster meaningful and productive social networks; educating students about the history and multiplicity of voices in the LGBTQ movement and the possible trajectories of its future; and empowering all students to feel confident in their identities and their potential to instill positive change in their own lives and the communities they inhabit. IvyQ stresses the acknowledgment and application of privilege for positive and lasting social change for LGBTQ communities.

Here’s the downloadable PDF of the entire schedule; the presenters at this event are incredible: IvyQ Program Final.

Fucking for Reel: Jiz Lee Screening
Saturday, February 8th, 4:15- 5:45pm
Lewis Library 138 

One of the most recognized genderqueer performers in the adult industry, Jiz Lee has worked in porn spanning queer, indie and mainstream genres from San Francisco to Berlin. The iconic queer porn performer has developed an organic “self-agent” process, creating a sustainable position from which to express their genuine sexual pleasure on camera. In this screening, Jiz will present highlights from their work and lead a Q&A discussion on queer pornography, visibility, and sexual media. This presentation is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18 only. The screening will contain explicit, queer sex acts that were conducted with consent and safer sex methods in practice. 

Update: For those who want more information about the clips I screened, here’s a list: Clips (Shine Louise Houston, Pink & White Productions)
with Vai, Dallas, Dylan Ryan, Orgy, J-Bird

Dangerous Curves Trailer (Carlos Batts, HeartCore)
with April Flores, Syd Blakovich

BIODILDO (Christian Slaughter)
with KAy Garnellen

Three-way with Jiz Lee POV (Burning Angel) with Joanna Angel, James Deen

Expert Guide to Pegging Trailer (Tristan Taormino/VIVID Ed)

Justify My Jiz (Jiz Lee’s VOID,
with Wolf Hudson

Girl/Boy Trailer (Dana Vespoli, Evil Angel) with Manuel Ferrara

The Wild Search (Shine Louise Houston, Pink & White Productions)
with Papi Coxxx, Wil Thrustwell

BONUS: Sex, Flesh in Blood (Christopher Lee)
out of print/unavailable online

Additional resources: 

Tobi Hill-Meyer’s Doing It Again

The Feminist Porn Book
Dr. Mireille Miller-Young, Tristan Taormino, Celine Shimizu, Constance Penley

Porn Studies Journal

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