Masturbate-a-Thon is coming for a cause…

…Ah the puns and possibilities are endless…

The Masturbate-a-Thon ( is a benefit for the Center for Sex and Culture, a non-profit organization run by Dr. Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence which hosts a myriad of classes, workshops, events, fundraisers, wacky shit, a library of erotica and sex ed books and so, so, so much more. You can find their website at

For the first time this year, I have time to make an appearance! AND, I’ve got a partner in crime… Dallas! I’m so excited.

Other rad amazing folks are going to be there, like Madison Young and Nina Hartley and many more folks to meet. But that’s still not the coolest part.

The coolest part is that YOU can participate, too! You can masturbate from home, and even pledge $ if you’d like. People will be announcing their O’s over Twitter, and I encourage anyone who cums tomorrow in whatever way, to somehow publicly announce it. You can even announce it here in the comments of this blog if you like. ; )

Getting off and Spreading the Word… sounds like a nice Sunday.


  • cand86

    Oooh, lucky duck! And with Dallas? Bet it was fun, and you must tell us all about it.

    For my part, I definitely contributed . . . multiple times!

  • Jiz Lee

    Three cheers for masturbation! : )

    I had a LOVELY evening with Dallas, who I have a major crush on. (If anyone wants to see her scene with Shawn, go here:

    My crush on her blossomed into a full fledged hard-on over the course of our three-hour jerk off. I think I have a new friend. : ))

    She and I are scheming to rally a team for next year. (Most likely a Pink & White Team!) The event had a strippers pole, lots of rooms and hide-a-ways for added privacy, plenty of safer sex supplies, and interesting people from all over. One of the winners was a guy from Japan who had the COOLEST sex toys. ) He jerked off for 7.5 hours. Like most sex events, there was a majority of older males (who were extremely respectful); so Dallas and I are scheming to bring in more dyke/genderqueer/trans pals and poc for the next one, which already is making me drool.

    My self-given award: A renewed interest in setting aside time for myself to masturbate. An elevated focus on the path leading up to the orgasm, new found ways of jerking off, and an interest in playing with others to continue my sexual exploration.

    I might not have ejaculated the furthest, come the longest, or had the most orgasms, but I’d say I’m a winner!

  • Jiz Lee

    Oh, I almost forgot… the yellow jock-strap I was wearing got a lot of approval.

    According to Nina Hartley, yellow is my color.

    You can visit the website of the Castro store where I bought the jock straps, in case you are curious, here: .

  • Gina

    It was so lovely to see you & Dallas there. Like I said when I walked by and giggled at you, you’re both fucking adorable.
    And (particularly as one of the organizers) I was really happy to see more young and queer folks there, like your hot & sweet selves.
    And YES, please, bring a Pink & White team next year! We’d so love that!
    p.s. — Nina Hartley liked my underwear, too! We should start a club…

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