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Gender, Genderqueer, Trans, Androgyny, Femme, Butch, Identity

  • Stoya and Jiz Lee

    ZEROSPACES – Baptism: Jiz Lee & Stoya

    Approximately one year ago, I had the great honor of working on a new erotic art project by Stoya for ZeroSpaces! If you’re unfamiliar, ZeroSpaces presents a space that exists between conventional pornography…

  • Siouxsie Q and Jiz Lee in Fragments 2: Ball and Chains by Madison Young for Lust Cinema

    Fragments Volume 2: Ball and Chains

    Do the skills for BDSM come naturally? Hardly! From safewords to bondage ties, there's much to learn. Joey's process is helped by therapists, educational books and videos, attending a kinky play party, and…

  • Jiz Lee Naughty Natural hairy nonbinary

    Naughty Natural’s Hairy Non-Binary

    Body hair, don’t care. 😉 As a performer who doesn’t like to remove my body hair and pretty much only works for companies that allow me to present as myself, one could say…