Armpit Gaze

I just caught a glimpse of Stoya’s armpits on Fleshbot, and felt it deserved a moment of praise. Just another example of sexy armpits.

The issue examines the “Male Gaze”, something which I’d like to write about soon because I feel there’s a lot to unpack in that term. Until then however, let’s appreciate this very masculine approach to my stunningly gorgeous friend.

Photos by Steven Klein for Richardson Magazine Issue A5. See more at


  • ted


    You are definitley right about Stoya as she is “stunningly gorgeous.” Loved the photos on your site and the ones on Flesbot. The photographer for Richardson Magazine(Steven Klein) did a great job of showing contrast with Stoya’s hair and skin tones on color film while making the shoot appear to almost appear to be on black and white film. Question: will Richardson Magazine be tapping you to appear in a similar shoot ? Especially with your body hair and the contrast to your skin tone they would have another great photo shoot for their magazine. Would also be cool to see you and Stoya in a shoot together as your similarties and contrasts would make for a hot double shoot. Well that’s it for now hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend. Take care.


  • Jiz Lee

    Ted – I agree that Steven did a fantastic job with these images; I’ve never seen Stoya photographed like this, and I love it! I would kill to work with the photographer in a similar fashion. You bet!

    Miss Lags – I know, right! I couldn’t pass it up and had to repost!

    Chris – Oooh, you and me both. I may be contributing something on that subject very soon for a local publication, so I’ll post it in coordination with that. There’s going to be an exhibit at SomArts which addresses the male gaze. I will be curious to see it, and may write about it as well.

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