I’m a pornsaint!

pornsaint Jiz Lee by Jeff Aerbre

Jeff Aerber ( did a fabulous depiction of me, and I’ll soon be added to the PornSaint collection.

And here’s another one by Ale Senso.

What is a pornsaint? Only one of the best ideas ever!

In a nutshell, pornsaints is an artistic approach to porn, a pornographic approach to art, and a pornoartistic approach to religion… and a whole lot more. Browse the collection on their website, and read more about them:

I’ll let you know when Jeff’s image is up on the site and you can all go check it out, and even order prints. They hold exhibits globally. They’re good people.


  • Jiz Lee

    Essin’ Em, thanks! I am a new fan of his work. I particularly love that he didn’t make me look more feminine. For example, he kept my proportions accurate (boob size, etc…). With so many female-bodied stars, I could see it being easy to exaggerate curves. I like what he did. A lot!

    Cand86, it was from one of the photos in the Pic page here on the site — he requested a large image of it and worked from there. The pose is a little different, but you’ll recognize it.

    Fivestar, I KNOW! I frickin’ love the Sisters. Have they heard about pornsaints? If not, I’m sure they’d dig it. Glad to know you’d go to my church… I could make you an acolyte. : )

  • Jiz Lee

    Jincey! I totally agree. These folks have a good thing going on. I just wish I could make it to one of their gallery tours; they’ve held exhibits in Berlin and Philly, as far as I know.

    Codes, YOU are fab. Can we take more pics soon? Rex and Honey snakes would love to do another photoshoot, too. xo

  • Garnet Joyce

    Wow that is gorgeous! I would love to own a piece like that … not that I have anywhere at all to put it.

    I’d never looked at porn saints before and was actually surprised to find a few models that I know. Awesome site. Thanks for the tip.

  • Pornsaints

    Hello Jiz,
    Thank yopu for publishing your artworks! We’ll keep you posted about the “official” release. We just come back from London, the vernissage was great, a pity you was not there.

    thank you people for digging our project as well! To learn more go to

  • Jiz Lee

    Hi PornPope!

    Glad to hear London was a blast — I enjoyed reading about it from SF.

    Looking forward to a future gallery opening. I just added links to on my nav barl… I was holding back for the official release; I’ll do another post to announce when that happens. Yey!

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