I Blame Twitter

Why have my posts become less frequent? Because I’m hooked on Twitter.

Which is really pretty ridiculous since I only have, like, 20 followers or something. But it’s just so damn addicting!
(thx @iamfivestar for introducing me to distraction heaven.)

I just wish my closest of closest friends would join so I could follow them. But most of them say… “Twitter? Nah…”
Come on it’s fun! Shawn always texts me one-liner updates anyway.

“Your boyfriend has fleas.”

Could EASILY be: “@jizlee, your boyfriend has fleas.”

FYI- My “boyfriend” is a black shorthair cat named Henry (formerly known as Paper-Weight, who was born Harry on a ranch up north). He has more names than I do!

His new one is Boyfriend or BF for short. BF loves up on me when I’m over at Shawn’s house doing work. He likes the spot on my lap between my belly and the keyboard. Last weekend he officially became ‘Boyfriend‘ when he laid on my lap for a record-breaking 10 consecutive hours. (I was actually working much longer than that, but the cat had better things to do, like go outside… and apparently, get fleas).

Come follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/jizlee


  • Cand86

    Damn it . . . I’ve been trying to resist Twitter for so long (just like I tried to hold out against Myspace and, afterwards, Facebook). But if you’re there, I must probably get on it, too . . .

    It’s starting to get that it takes me half an hour just to check all these crazy things!

    Oh, and the Boyfriend sounds adorable. Pictures?

  • Fivestar

    Yay, Twitter! I’m glad you joined. Twitter might not be the next e-mail, but something like it will be. I feel a bit like a pusher… but it so good. Come on y’all… you know you wanna join:)

    p.s. flirting is so fun on twitter!

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