digital scrapbook: 4 year anniversary

I keep an old school (aka paper) moleskin datebook. No iPhone or PalmPilot (or even Google Calendar) for me, thanks. Everything I do that involves timeliness and the rotation of the sun must be put in writing in a little black, lined book.

When the year is done, it is thrown into a box where I can then look back and say, holy shit. What a year!
It feels that way thinking back at relationships, too.

April 7th 2009 marked the 4 year anniversary of me and Shawn (aka Syd Blakovich). More specifically, the fourth year since our very first date. It’s been an open, loving, intense, emotional, supportive, momentous, art-filled, passionate bunch of years. We rocked SF’s artsphere with twincest, our multi-genre performance duo. We bukkake’d the adult industry with a smash hit of Pink & White and other queer works by filling the big screen with our love juices. We gathered around friends and lovers to create art, community, sex, chaos, and sleeplessness. We experienced the passing of loved ones and the births and joining of new lives. And we redefined our love and relationship more times than Madonna – only without the cultural appropriation.

Here’s a brief trip down laptop memory lane… to continued love-art-porn (and documentation)!

Dyke March 05, back when I could hold my own with her in the ring.

The Crash Pad publicity photos. WTF is going on with our hair?

Hyphen interview, some of the more classy photos, thanks Leilani.

Our own are pretty trashy… this is twincest’s version of Mary Kate & Ashley

Unisex, photo by Mia Knockano

One from our bathtub series. We clean up well.

Can this please end up somewhere on the internet as a WTF photo? Credit: TWINCEST.NET thx!

Censorship panel discussion at the old location of Femina Potens.
Despite the RAD people on the panel and the engaging discussion, we all look bored out of our skulls.

Fun times with Baguettes at an early Pink & White Meet and Greet party. I think Violet Blue took this image. Couple on the right is Princess Donna and Lorelei Lee.

Still from documentary on how Shawn and I trashed Mr. Pam’s kitchen.

One of my favorite photos, taken by Shilo McCabe, because you can see Shawn’s wedding ring…

Shawn and I have an open relationship, which sometimes includes group sexing.

I found these photos from my camera, time to put them online.

Our sand crab.

Awwww… the end. For now. 🙂


  • Jiz Lee

    Yay. So cheesy I know. Actually the last photo is not from LA but from Maui (where I’m from). The last three, are from Ka`anapali — it was crazy to chill at such a touristy spot, but fun. And great to get away from my family. The fact that we wore matching bikinis was even more surreal due to all the whacky attention we got from people on the beach.

  • Essin' Em

    I feel all gooey and warm, but not in the gross way…more in the “I’m so fucking glad that you two found each other” kind of way. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  • dorky fan

    You two are so dreamy. I know I’ll see you on the street someday and my knees will buckle. Thanks for making yourselves and your beauty and your “lifestyle” visible–you make the world more possible. You are my fucky heroes.

  • Volatelle

    Reading this beautiful entry, I am reminded of one of my most profound lessons:

    Love is Love.

    Your love and intense dedication is a meditation in and of itself.

  • Sahara Dunes

    Can I say that this is the best damn blog I have read all day?!? Thank you for sharing that with us.

    I don’t know if I want to cry from the sheer sweetness of it all or masturbate from the sheer fuckin’ sexiness and love exploding everywhere…..

  • Jiz Lee

    You all are so awesome. Thank you for leaving comments!
    I also just noticed that auryn posted it on Fleshbot

    Feeling love, from many! xo

  • julijeong

    You both are so redonkulously cute/sexy! I adore you both, especially as a fellow gendernonconforming Asian American. I can’t get enough of you both! Someday, after graduation when I move to the West Coast hopefully I can catch you guys at one of your events. Mad respect, y’all.

  • MizWright

    I hafta say – I get to watch a lotta porn for work, and the two of you – individually and together – continue to rock my world every time I encounter you.

    Thanks for being hot, intelligent, amusing, and out there. We need more of you.

  • oliviaq87

    you two are so beautiful and definitely show me the glory of true love. i feel so privileged to have been allowed to see these. <3 Olivia

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