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In March I’m going to appear on with Princess Donna for a series ‘The Collection’. Her assistant for the shoot is my real-life love Syd Blakovich.

This will be my 2nd time subbing for porn in a BDSM setting. The 1st time was for Madison Young and I have to admit I had a difficult time getting into the mood. I much preferred topping her. It’s hard for me to let go of control and sub on camera, and I was very new to BDSM and wasn’t sure of what I wanted.

Years have passed and my vocabulary and experience has grown. I’m curious to see how the shoot for will go, and if I’ll feel more comfortable subbing for Donna. Will it be easier with Syd there, or more difficult?
I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little nervous.

When I met with Belladonna last weekend she asked if I had ever had my comfort levels pushed while filming. I anticipate this shoot for Wired to be one of those challenging situations. I’m preparing my boundary definitions and expect to have my comfort level pushed. (BTW, I promise I’ll say more about Belladonna later. Yay!)

Cand86, I know you wanted to see more about electroplay, so I’m blogging this is especially for you. Thank you for the inspiration.

Curious as I am? I welcome suggestions, thoughts, advice and questions.

Oh, and I don’t have to shave. ; )


  • Angry

    Umm can’t wait to see it.

    ohh and yeayy to no shaving.

    Also I’d like to know how you felt immediately following the scene but only if you want to.

  • Syd Blakovich

    Vai didn’t shave either, so I shaved her on camera, But I think it will be fun with play more with your hair perhaps hang weights off of it or … well I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises.

    I have been writing in my “journal” for this one.

    Vai looked amazing with all the spit, snot and tears streaming down her face, even better with a mouthful of my piss.

    I am needless to say very excited to be a part of this series.

  • Essin' Em

    Oooh. I may have to get a WiredPussy membership with all sorts of awesome queers rocking out on it. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on it once it happens.

    What site/movie did you sub to Madison in?

    And hurray on not having to shave!


  • Jiz Lee

    Hey Angry!
    Yeah, I’m super excited about the no shaving part. I’m also glad not to shave my armpits or legs. It’s not the usual aesthetic on sites, but I’m beginning to understand that it’s mostly up to the models, and all the models who work for them tend to shave. Crazy. I’ll try to describe how I feel immediately following the scene. 🙂

    Ms Nikki!
    I’ll be sure to post my thoughts, this is definitely going to be a learning experience for me!

    Lovely Syd,
    This is Donna’s scene and I get to ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ anything that will happen to me. I feel myself fighting against your excitement. Subbing with you present is going to be hard for me.

    My Goal: “I accept my physical/mental limitations and don’t feel pressured to live up to others’ expectations or desires.”

    Have you skimmed through the WiredPussy shoots? There’s TONS of CrashPadSeries folks on there! (It’s a small city.) The shoot I did with Madison was for her website. I had a hard time with it. I’ll be curious to revisit it and compare with my experience this time around. Either way, subbing is challenging for me.

  • Pappi Razzi

    Hey Jiz

    I just got my crew call e mail from Shine about this Saturday and I am totally stoked to be working with you again 🙂 You’re always such a delight to be around .

    See you then!

  • Cand86

    Yay! I’m definitely looking forward to you + electroplay, even if Syd is making it sound really, really devious. I definitely want to hear a breakdown of everything . . . have you done any electroplay before (even if not in a BDSM context)?

    I hope it’s fun for you- don’t let those two devious kinksters push you too far! 🙂

  • Jiz Lee

    Hi Pappi Razzi — I was so bummed to miss you when my shoot was canceled. (My co-star was M.I.A. I hope she’s okay.) I might be rescheduled in March so I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

    Cand86 — totally. I have tried electroplay: eStim (pads and metal dildo attachement), VioletWand (and various attachments – rake, finger, etc…) and I have NOT tried cattleprods, zappers or stunguns. I tend to like deep impact as opposed to surface/concentrated sting. I’ve tried this at home and also on my birthday, where I got treated to a smorgasbord board of experiences that was wonderful. It also included fire, which I really like but which doesn’t do. I’m looking forward to eStim and VioletWand play, and I’m curious about trying out the sharper cattleprod-type implements however they do scare me.

    I’m excited about the challenge… thanks for your encouragement! : )

    UPDATE: the Shoot was rescheduled for April and Vai is going to be a part of it as well!!!

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