Top 10 Pride Memories

1. Finding Hatz. My friend was “next to the bathroom in the middle of the park” and “under or near the purple unicorn balloon”. Incredibly, I found her. And then she found vodka! : )

2. Trans Rights. Angel Love standing up for Trans rights and pointing out that Stonewall was led by trans folks and that all of us benefited from their courage. Put the “T” back in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act folks!

3. All the lovely brides and grooms on hogs and on foot… and of course the equally vocal “Divorce Equality” tee-shirts and the divine beat up bride of Daphne Gottlieb.

4. Flirting. I was in a wave of poly love, and made out like it was high school… without the commitments.

5. The moment when the Trans March and Critical Mass ran into each other — I was *right* there when it happened, too, and everyone saw them cycling towards us and cheering. The radical cyclists (I’m an occasional ‘non-asshole’ rider when the weather’s nice) joined the Trans March and walked their bikes with us for the rest of the route in support!

6. I ran into Ryka (Ryka Aoki de la Cruz) not once, but twice! and had some pretty inspiring conversations about creating educational transwomen porn. Tristan… you reading this? If only Pink & White could collaborate with Tristan Taormino and Trannywood to create some mind-blowing trans-positive high quality sex ed flicks. 

7. Moderation. Despite the fact that I mixed my beverages and other things, I paced them out like nobody’s business. And maintained a clear if not slightly bubbly composure the whole weekend! That’s a first for this lush.

8. Pole Dancing. This is my crush and I will share her with you now:

She’s the reason Pole Dancing should be an Olympic sport, and the reason I want to learn. Though my outfit would probably be a jockstrap. ; )

9. The cute fan who took a picture with me and then ran off. Hey wait… you’re cute get back here!… dang…

10. Pussy slapping. That’s right. I remember the days when I watched videos that had pussy slapping, and I rolled my eyes and said, what do these fake “lesbians” know about dyke sex?! And the it hit me. (Quite literally, actually!). At the right build up… the right speed… and at just the right strength, my crotch does fucking backflips when it’s slapped, and it’s a very, very good thing.

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