Strapped Dykes Trailer FTW!!!

For months you’ve been following my posts about how frickin’ up to the hilt excited I am about being able to work with one of my all-time sexual superheros, Belladonna. I’ve posted about the sex toys I brought with me and used in my scene with her, and my scene with April Flores, ( and the Randy dildo I brought for my three-way with Syd Blakovich and Sinn Sage. I also posted about my experience growing out my pubic hair to extreme bush-tacular, and the fuss it made over at mainstream-alternative sites like

The trailer is now up and you can see us all in action!

Strapped Dykes comes out November 29th 2009.

And HOLY COW my bush was monstrous! Even I was amazed at how fucking hairy my asshole was! (I guess I don’t get to see it from that angle all that much!) My wizard had grown prolific. (My “wizard” is my ass hairs… oh, and “feelers” are a term my friend Ange coined for any pube down there.) I think my hairy crotch made up for ALL the bald LA porn chicks. Long live the bush!


  • Angry

    I loved that trailer and i can’t wait to see this movie… I noticed in that scene with belladonna you looked hairier than in the other scenes. It also look like you dyed your pubes.

  • Jiz Lee

    Hey Sequoia,
    Thanks! It was really unbelievably awesome to work with her, and with April, Syd and Sinn. It makes my heart race to watch the trailer, and I smile every time I think about the whole experience because I learned so much and also got to become friends with someone who I have always admired. Yay!

    Hi Angry!
    Yes, I dyed my pubes black and also used a bic razor around the bikini line to make a stripe/mohawk accentuation of the amount and length of the hairs. (I also had done this for the shoot at Kink while growing my hair out for Belladonna.

    Normally, I use a buzzer on my crotch and keep the hairs around an inch short — so when I got the call to come back and shoot again, I started to grow them out though they didn’t reach the same length they had last time. I also failed to dye them black again. Nice catch!

  • ted

    Saw the Strapped Dykes Trailer and will definitley buy the DVD when it comes out. Loved the scene with yourself and Syd and the other woman(sorry I don’t know her name), where, you squirted. I have always been fasinated by that since I first saw it in the Seymore Butts movies. I first read about you and Syd on the Fleshbot website article which was descibing the Bellaonna movie and from there I checked out both of your websites and found you both to be fascinating and sexy and attractive. I may not be your typical audience but, as a guy who likes women to women adult entertainment I appreciate it when, the women are actually enjoying themselves. I have also come to appreciate hairy/furry women thanks to ladies like yourselves and Sequoia Redd and Furry Girl and Flower Tucci(who both squirts and has a nice thatch of pubic hair). I also remember R rated movies and magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse from the 1970’s and the women in those movies and magazines typically had pubic hair which, may be another reason why I like the appearence of a woman who does not shave. Well that’s it for now I hope the movie is a big success and that you all win AVN awards for it. I wish you good luck in the future in whatever you do.

  • amblastic

    omg i came watching that trailer!!!!! i came while belladonna grabbed a fist-full of your pussy hair….oh my jiiizzzz!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    great job! real, raw and creative…great ingredients for porn. and its fucking queer porn, im in heaven. thanks corazon

  • Heidi Anderson

    You and Syd have made this married straight (well in appearances anyway) woman as queer as can be. I saw Crashpad for the first time when I was at Pornotopia 09 in Albuquerque to interview Tristan Taormino, and I wanted to send the video to every straight man in America and say “THIS is how you work a pussy!!”


  • L.J.

    I just got this movie the other day for my wife, and after watching it, I had to look you up.

    The scene with you and Syd and Sinn is the hottest thing ever. I never thought I’d get turned on seeing someone punch someone else, and certainly never thought punching could somehow strangely border the romantic. The way you all communicated before, after, and during the scene was incredible. I like the way you watch Syd the whole time and make eye contact even when you are otherwise engaged. I like the laughter and the comfort you all three seemed to have. And the ending? Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I’ve never heard someone say “I love you,” in a porn before.

    How freakin awesome is that?

    Thank you ladies, for sharing your sexuality with me and my wife.

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