Keying in on Crash Pad Series with J-Bird

I’m really excited about my newest shoot on

J-Bird is a cute genderqueer switch who swept me off my feet and was down to share fun sex with me in queer porn.

The photoset just went live; next weekend will be the video Episode and the weekend after that will be the Behind the Scenes video. Sign up to watch my past shoots and get your key to this upcoming one! My recommendation is Level 3 Membership, because you can watch the Behind the Scenes goodies and download porn to your heart’s content. $35 may be expensive for some, but consider saving up enough to be a member for even just one month; you can download almost 100 episodes, which is a lot of porn and helps support a really rad company run by Shine Louise Houston!

I should also mention that the collar and cuffs were from Cherry Bombin’ Restraints and are made of recycled/reconstructed bicycle tubes! How cool is that? The material is both soft and sturdy, and worked perfectly when I collared J-Bird and then latched the cuffs to the collar’s ring. Like how they had to strain forward in order to reach themselves? Me too… 😉

Here’s a very very brief sneak peek.

Sign up and join one of my favorite websites, the one-of-a-kind Score!


  • Vid Tuesday

    You’re right!!! They’re so cute! I think they’ve got a serious future ahead of them in queer porn, and the photoset of the two of you is too hot.

  • ted


    Thanks for great photos. You and J-Bird seem to have great chemistry together. Hope you two will work together again in the near future. Have to admit that it took a little time to get used to seeing you as a blonde but, upon further looking it does look good on you. Any chance that we will see you as a redhead in the near future ? Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day. Take care.


  • Jiz Lee

    Hi Vid!

    Thanks so much. I’m super excited to have shot with J-Bird. 🙂

    Hi Ted!

    Ironically, I’m not blonde anymore, it was a very short experiment. Now it’s short and dark, and I’ll probably shave it again or bleach it again for NYC on Feb 27th. I’ve done red before, a reddish brown in Tristan Taormino’s “Expert Guide to Female Orgasm”, and a bright punky red in my pre-porn days.

  • cherryBOmb

    YAY!!! what a HOT HOT shoot! You 2 knocked my socks…n then sum! OWWWWUCH!
    I’m so exxxcited that you used ‘my’ restraints & collar!! sheesh…I haven’t even found someone confident enough to use them on me yet! (If I could only find someone to help out…heh!)

    Keep up the great works & education!!

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