Karma Pervs for Lunatic Fringe and the Queer Werewolves in All of Us

What is Karma Pervs? In a nutshell: It’s a porn fundraiser. I choose a charity each month – members see sexy photos for a good cause! I post a unique photo set of pictures related to the cause and at the end of the month 100% is donated to the organization. Sign up to support, see pictures, and also enter to win great prizes!

The newest update for Karma Pervs benefits an anonymous donation that is a wildlife/wolf protection organization. Wolves you say?

Wolves! Because this Karma Pervs is focused on the new lesbian werewolves novel “Lunatic Fringe” written and self-published by Allison Moon, who also poses as my guest model for the photo set!

Allison will be promoting Lunatic Fringe at LitQuake SF (10/15), Bluestockings NYC (10/18) and World Fantasy Con San Diego (10/28-30), and at San Diego’s Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore (11/3). You can purchase Lunatic Fringe directly, or sign up for Karma Pervs — all members this month who donate $50 or above will receive a free autographed copy of her book.

We shot the photos in a quaint garden patio & bar in San Francisco with Tristan Crane, who you might recall from my Karma Pervs for San Francisco Sex Information. Tristan is also showing work soon at SOMArts Gallery as part of the “Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze” exhibit with images from HeavenlySpire.com. You can follow Tristan on twitter (@@tristancrane). Allison is on twitter at @TalesofthePack.

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