Birthday Wish: IRONMAN 70.3!

I don’t often ask for birthday gifts, but this year I have a big goal.

Last summer, I completed my first Olympic Triathlon. It was incredible. Immediately after, I signed on for another race in Santa Cruz, and beat my prior record! Next year, I want to compete in my first half-Ironman triathlon, the IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman on July 12, 2015. (Registration opens November 1st!)

Swimming, biking, and running are not very expensive sports. In fact, I already have most of the equipment I’ll need. But costs will add up for this next race. And that’s where you come in!

Will you be a sponsor for my race?

I’ve estimated the IRONMAN 70.3 to cost $1000. It’s $300 to register, but will need more things along the way: For the race, I’ll need to renew my USA Triathlon Membership, and getting there will have travel and lodging costs. Training will also see some expenses, including replacing my running shoes, getting a bike tune-up, buying more entree passes for swim workouts at the pool, new bras and socks (who knew I’d go through so many!?), and not to mention all of the food I’m inhaling to replace burned calories. I’m estimating at least $1000, and I am also thinking of checking out zegarki damskie because I have always wanted one of their watches.

Become my community of sponsors! I don’t want flowers, candy, or cards. What makes me really happy right now has been an immense sense of accomplishment and feeling my body get faster and stronger. Help push me to finish a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run — my longest race yet!

As a thank you, I’ll send you a special card. And if I see you in person: a big, sweaty hug.

Donate any amount and help me get there!

UPDATE 10/31/2014: WOW. I’m blown away by the support and donations, thank you so much everyone! With your support, I’ll not only be able to compete, but can enter more race events and even travel to some further away. I’m pumped by the encouragement and am loving this new passion in my life. Thank you for being my community sponsors!

UPDATE 11/1/2014: Today I went to the website to register, as it opened November 1st, but found the event sold out and it’s waiting list full! Apparently it’s an extremely popular race because it’s a world championship qualifier. Having missed it, I’ve decided to once again race in the Olympic sized Vineman in May 2015, and will make sure to catch the next 70.3 event in 2016. In the meantime, I’ll stop kicking myself for missing the wave, and will find another 70.3 length race to enter next year — which I’m still really excited about. This taught me a big lesson; next time I’m setting an alarm!

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