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♥ Crash Pad Series | Shine Louise Houston gives you the key to the hottest queer sex in SF
♥ No Fauxxx | Porn that doesn’t fake it
♥ QueerPorn.TV | Public Access to the Sexual Underground

♥ Jiz Lee’s Stockroom Store | Fetish, Bondage & Kink Gear
♥ Good Vibrations | High Quality Sex Toys and more from the folks who started it all
♥ Trinity Romance Sex Shop | Ethical toys
♥ Toys in Babeland | Queer Woman-owned and operated sex toy store
♥ LELO | Luxurious Vibrators
♥ OhMiBod | Music-Driven Vibrators

♥ HotMoviesForHer | Str8, Lesbian, Gay, and Queer VOD!
♥ Padded KINK | Kelly Shibari’s body positive Kink site featuring big girls. BBW BDSM
♥ HeavenlySpire | Shine Louise Houston’s Big Gay Porn Site — with Queer Cis & Trans Men!

♥ Joanna Angel | She has magic g-spot fingers
♥ Burning Angel | Joanna’s Movies!
♥ TLAlesbian | They made a Queer category!
♥ Good Dyke Porn | Authentic dyke porn from Canada
♥ MeetTheMayhems | Hardcore Fucking Nerds
♥ | As sweet as she is sexy.
♥ | it’s a sexual identity

Other Links in No Particular Order… And always a work in progress!
Prevention and Tolerance: A Counselor’s Guide to Bullying by Lina Parker, with links to bullying resources.
Mickey Mod | Sexy Sexy Sexy
Danny Wylde | Sexy Sexy Sexy
Drew DeVeaux | Also Sexy Sexy Sexy
Madison Young | Feminist Porner and Mother
Syd Blakovich | Ex Twin
Dylan Ryan | Smart Busy Beaver Femme
FiveStar A.K.A. 5★ | A Videographer with too many ideas and not enough time
Violet Blue | My new years smooch buddy
Buck Angel | Porn’s Famous Man with a Pussy
Audacia Ray | So smart and sexy it hurts!
Dr. Carol Queen | Sexologist and Sexy Cultural Non-Profiteer
Malcolm Gladwell | Author of The Tipping Point and some other fun books
Morty Diamond | Director of “The Nasty Love of Papi & Wil”
Ms Nikkie Nefarious | Nefarious Rigger!
Patricia Justine Tumang | Hearts!
Princess Donna’s Kink Blog | Zappy Hearts!
Mollena | Her blog speaks for itself.
Sarah Dopp | Genderplayful Activist
Sasha Grey | My dream girl.
Margaret Cho | She watches my porn. (Really, she told me this.)
Sara Vibes | Baby IMsL!
Nina Hartley | Heterosexual Butch Lesbian Pornstar
Tales of the Pack | Lesbian Werewolves
Vid Tuesday | Genderqueer Comic and Pornstar
Bella Vendetta | She’s pretty rad.
Reid Mihalko | Sexy Geek
Courtney Trouble | BFF
Essin ‘Em | Sassy Femme Taking Over the World
Billy Castro | We boned.
Wolf Hudson | He’s BAD.
Twisted Monk | and his blog
Njoy Toys | Makers of the ELEVEN, Pure Wand, and other stainless steel dildos and plugs
Early2Bed | and Early2Rise
Smitten Kitten | Seriously Progressive Sex Toy Store
Good For Her | Creators of the Feminist Porn Awards!
Pink & White Productions | A Shine Louise Houston Creation
Pixl Porn | sexy haha
Poly Patao Productions | Ignacio Rivera!
PornSaints | I’m a pornsaint
Pucker Up | Tristan Taormino’s Sex-Positive Salon
Racialicious | Great blog on racial issues
Reappropriate | This
Retro Raunch | Ol’ Fashioned Eye Candy
TS Roadmap | Good Resource
U People | A friend’s project
What is a Man or Woman? | Good Resource
What IS Genderqueer? | The world is dying to know…
Singular They | It DOES exist!!
Rabbits Reviews | A NSFW Time Suck
Fleshbot | One of the first big sexy news sites to totally rock my world.
Indie Nudes | A REALLY AWESOME NSFW Time Suck
Jane’s Guide | Best porn site review on the web. Hi Vamp!
Annie Sprinkle | with wife Beth Stephens, Love Lab and Ecosexual)
Feministing | RSS it
Twincest RIP | The DEAD Art/Love Project of me and Syd
Ignacio Rivera | Black-Boricua Genderqueer Artist and Sex Educator
8asians | I met 1/8th of them!
Genderfork photo blog | A gender MUST-SEE on the web.
Hyphen magazine | Asian America Unabridged
Inverted Eye | Vintage Fetish
Trannywood Pictures | Safer Sexy Trans/Gay Porn
Original Plumbing | Transguy Quarterly
Juicy Pink Box | NYC-based Genderqueer/Trans-Friendly Lesbian Porn Company
Center for Sex and Culture SF | Sex Archives and Events | Great Resource

Some Trans Stories, Resources. List is being updated. 
The Transsexual Empire by Janice Raymond

gendered hearts


True Selves by Mildred Brown
‘Transexy’ By Mark Simpson @marksimpsonist and the blog of @sonniesedge ‘Unaverage Girl’
Trans reading: Letters for my Brothers —
“Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation”
Hello Cruel World, My Gender Workbook
“She’s a Boy I Knew” Documentary
Gender Outlaw, Transgender Warriors
Gender Trouble by Judith Butler, Macho Sluts by Patrick Calfia
Nearest Exit by S. Bergman, queer theory gender theory by wilchins, genderqueer ed. wilchins

Gender Trouble by Judith Butler, Macho Sluts by Patrick Calfia
Nearest Exit by S. Bergman, queer theory gender theory by wilchins, genderqueer ed. wilchins
Gender Outlaw, Transgender Warriors