Clothespins Dare for The Social

I helped Fivestar ( with her dare for Elle’s The Social to see how many clothespins her flesh could accommodate at once. It was a lovely experience and I’m looking forward to more! Fivestar documented it on flickr and via her video blog.

Here’s a quick pick of the aftermath, save one tremendously teasing pin…


P.S. There’s a round two in the making…


  • Volatelle

    Amazing video. It was surprising and shockingly beautiful.

    !!!!!! There’s a round 2!? Amazing.

    The Social has been an incredible experience for me. I am grateful to have you involved Jiz!

  • Essin' Em

    That is bloody brilliant. But aesthetically, I think I prefer the black clothespins.

    Hmmm. I have a lot more fleshiness than Fivestar. Now this has me wondering…I mean, if I can smother myself with my boobs, I wonder how many clothespins they could take.

  • dominadoll

    I loved this video. You took excellent shots and Fivestar really made it sing with her audio. Great job guys.

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