Here’s the next edition of WTF, an ongoing question into rad images I’ve come across that deserve more answers. This one comes thanks to Syd for the tip, a verbally explicit tattoo enthusiast by the name of Bisexual Britni aka Michelle, that pass around girl.

Britni, where are you now?  And do you have more tattoos? I’ve emailed the address given in this 2006 article on …Michelle if you’re out there WTF are you up to now?


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  • Fred Nek

    This woman is not “Bisexual Britni”. Rather, it is Britni’s girlfriend (or former girlfriend), Michelle. Britni used to be in porn. I do not believe Michelle was in porn, but she did claim to be a sex addict. At last report, she lived in Denver.

    In any event, she apparently likes descriptive tattoos.

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