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Lately I’ve been LOVING writing reviews for sex toys and other fun stuff. I’ve got quite a bit of experience with lots of different kinds of sex toys, and not only am I open to experimentation and learning about new things, I also love to share what I discover with others.

Here’s an archive of some reviews I’ve written, and you can click on the item image to buy or learn more about anything you like.
Sex Toy Review: Spin the Bottle to Get Your Game On!

SPIN ME is a beautiful, white, corked ceramic bottle that calls you to play. Inside are 12 strips of paper, each with a question or dare. Most of them are sensual for example “Have your partner choose two parts of their body, but don’t tell them what comes next… Now, connect the dots with one long, slow lick. Make your way back to the starting point with kisses.” Depending on who the bottle points to, this could be VERY hot. If the 12 instructions are a little too Sex in the City for your tastes, make your own! The opposite sides are blank and coming up with dares or questions is half the fun.

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Sex Toy Review: Restraints 101

Ponder this: Do you like to dig your heels deep into the mattress during sex, flexing your thighs and ass when you come? Well, whether you know it or not, you’re engaging the deeper muscles of your pelvic floor in an intense ‘isometric’ action that leads to a deeper, full-bodied orgasm. Oh yeah! Now, imagine how much more you could work those sex muscles if you had a strap to push or pull against! Think of restraints as a bedroom toy that shows you new ways to position your body during sex, often with amazing results. It’s like sexual Pilates!

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Sex Toy Review: MIA Tops the Charts as Your Tech Girl Fantasy Vibrator

Babeland MIA Vibrator

The vibe’s hottest feature is its recharging USB port or cable. It looks like a fashionable jump drive — one that actually gives you a ride! Don’t let the small size fool you; she’s got a TON of power stored up — a strong buzz with four different pulsations that last as long as four hours. Mia becomes completely charged in only two hours, at which time the blinking light changes to a steady glow, and you know it’s time to wrap up that blog post and take a much deserved ‘break.’

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Sex Toy Review: SaSi – The Latest in Sensual Intelligence

Babeland SaSi Vibrator

Delicate vibrations are perfect for folks who don’t like overwhelming, forced orgasms. Quiet humming vibes are sent through a moving nub that glides up and down, left and right, in curves, in circles and a hundred of other combinations. The feeling is undoubtedly hot. (Think of the tip of a tongue, or a sly finger slid over wet panties.) Press the vibe hard against you for a stronger touch, or let it sit in your crotch with closed legs, or held in place by a tight pair of panties. The toy is sold for foreplay or solo massage, and it works great either way.

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Sex Toy Review: Open Wide and Say “Aaaah” for the Adjustable Spreader Bar

You can attach the bar to their ankles, or attach their knees to the bar with rope for a wider stance. They can be on their back or flipped over on their stomach or bent over on their knees with their chest on the bed. Some ideas for what to do once you have your partner spread for you include: giving their sensitive inner thighs a lot of attention — tickling, stroking, nibbling, scratching, slapping, pinching, dripping hot wax upon, massaging, kissing, etc…

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Sex Toy Review: The Blind Jockey Blindfold

Sometimes named the ‘Pony Blinder,’ this soft, secure blindfold is an invention of pure genius. The friendly folks of Leatherbeaten, creators of the Blind Jockey, were obviously not working in the dark because they understood the importance of a soft and non-itchy interior that allows room for eye comfort. They crafted a slightly conical eye shape which gives the wearer enough room to blink and open their eyes if they wish while in pitch black darkness.

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Sex Toy Review: Taking It to Eleven

Almighty sex toy manufacturer NJoy is internationally known for metal sex toys cast in 316 grade stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror shine. Wands (gorgeous, swooping curved dildos) and plugs (shiny butt plugs) are loved throughout the adult industry and are sold at quality sex shops across the globe. When news of the Eleven hit the shelves, a worldly buzz was set in motion. Now, it’s here. Njoy has created an 11” double-sided dildo that goes the distance… and then some!

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Sex Toy Review: Rascal, a Vibrating Dildo

Rascal Vibrating Dildo

You know a sex toy is good when it’s asked for by name. And, for me, that’s saying a lot. I have over 20 dildos to choose from and the competition is… stiff! My lucky partner gets to be my sexual guinea pig on more than a few occasions. She’s a size queen, and she’s picky, too. We enjoy the Rascal made by Tantus for two very simple reasons:

1. It’s wide
2. We like wide.

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Erotica Review: Spanked: Red Cheeked Erotica

Spanked: Red Cheeked Erotica Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

It was my recent interest in spanking which caused me to jump at the opportunity to read Spanked: Red Cheeked Erotica, a collection of short stories edited by renown editor/author Rachel Kramer Bussel on the theme of spanking. Education and erotic stories like those in Spanked: Red Cheeked Erotica help me understand my own fears and fantasies associated with spanking. Here are some sections I identified with for various reasons…

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Sex Toy Review: Music is my Hot Hot Sex

Naughtinano Musical Vibrator sex toy

Attention DJs, rock stars, music lovers and gadget geeks: Your toy has arrived. The Naughtinano is a hip vibrator that packs a whole lot of FUN. It plugs into your iPod and buzzes in tempo with the music. How cool is that?! … Luckily, I found a songwriter who was very willing to help me test out the toy with her guitar and an amplifier. Talk about a hot date serenade! When hooked to the guitar, vibrations from the strum of sweet guitar chords overlap one another and kick the vibe into a steady buzz. Pluck a note once, and the buzz starts and fades out with the sound a nice touch for brilliantly romantic foreplay.
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Sex Toy Review: The Romp (Take that Design and Shove it Up Your Ass)

The Romp Wooden Anal Plug NobEssence
NobEssence is the woman-owned designer, creator and supplier of organic, waterproof and hypo-allergenic premium exotic hardwood sculptures. Wooden Dildos. And hot ones at that! You can find their luxury sculptures at most high quality sex toy stores. Wood is a natural conductor and retains body heat well. The shapes of NobEssence’s toys, of which there are several unique styles, are carved with erotic body parts in mind. One in particular, has a glorious curve that I think deserves to be stuck up your bum.

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Sex Toy Review: The Vibrator Kit that Saves the World

Delight Vibrator Eco Delight Kit Soy Massage Candle Organic Lube
The kit is a vegan/world-saving/plant-a-tree hugger’s wet dream. You get the Delight Vibrator and a sexy spread of earth-friendly products that are just as delightful as the vibe itself. This includes hip condoms, organic lube, a soy massage candle (complete with matches) and it all comes in an organic, recycled paper gift bag that — get this — can be planted to grow flowers from the small seeds pressed into the paper. Flowers! Yes, even the gift bag is amazing.

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